9 out of 10 Startups Fail! Learn Why They Do & How to Avoid those Failures at FailCon’09

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GoGrid is pleased to be a sponsor of this year’s FailCon 2009 which is a 1 day conference where you can find out how NOT to be one of those nine companies that fail when starting up. FailCon is a forum where you can ask those questions you were always afraid to ask, and the people giving the answers are successful founders, investors, designers and developers. GoGrid is offering a 25% discount on tickets to FailCon so read on!


It’s not easy being an entrepreneur and it is practically impossible to be a SUCCESSFUL one. In fact, having some battle scars from a failure or two will make your next endeavor more successful (hopefully). Have you had a #FAIL tag assigned to your brand? You probably can be a speaker or an expert at FailCon. But the goal of the conference is to help you move beyond the failure and on to the next success!

Some of the questions that will be discussed at FailCon are (from the FailCon site):

  • What variables do VCs watch for to preemptively prevent a company going under?
  • How do you financially prepare for the possibility of failure: legally, fiscally, and in your team?
  • What have some of the leading executives today learned from their past experiences?
  • What are you watching out for with the current social web and rising companies?
  • How do you layoff or fire an employee or partner?
  • How do you save a failing company?
  • How do you recover from a failed product or marketing campaign?
  • Early team communication and where it can break down.
  • What ruins viral campaigns.
  • How investors handle failing companies.
  • How to handle a client if your service fails to deliver.
  • Classic UI and design mistakes.
  • Common online marketing mistakes.

Speakers include:

Using the Cloud Will Make Your Investors Happy!


One thing that many investors actually are looking for now is how wisely you spend your money on IT. And this is actually where Cloud Computing (from GoGrid) would make them happy as you convert CapEx to OpEx. You don’t have to spend gobs of (their) cash on hardware that may not be used in the future (if your startup fails). GoGrid has lots of experience helping startups and we can definitely get you moving down that road to success!

The Details

WHEN: October 27th, 2009
WHERE: Kabuki Hotel, San Francisco (map link)
TIME: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM (Pacific)
HOW MUCH: Online Rate – $259.00 & Students – $50.00 … but WAIT, GoGrid is offering you a 25% discount if you click here!
WHAT DO I GET: Full conference pass, admission to all Main Stage, Workshop & Demo talks, breakfast/snacks/beverages, free wifi, SWAG, networking time & much more

GoGrid will have a table at the show so be sure to come by and get a GoGrid credit on new accounts or chat with us about many of our exciting new features, partners and announcements.

After FailCon, we will also be sponsoring the FailCon After Party (SFBeta) so be sure to save some energy for that event! Tickets for that event can be purchased here. But, if you are a FailCon attendee, you get into SFBeta for free! Otherwise, purchase online for $15 or $25 at the door.

Hope to see you at both events!

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