Announcing Microsoft WebsiteSpark Fortified with GoGrid, ServePath & Hybrid Hosting

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GoGrid, and parent company ServePath, are excited to announce participation in Microsoft’s new WebsiteSpark Program, specifically targeted towards Web Professionals. Using WebsiteSpark, Web Pros can drive new business opportunities through connections with partners and customers around the world.


Before jumping into the details and Q&A, if you already know that you want to participate in this program with either GoGrid or ServePath as your Hosting partner, please visit our signup pages on the GoGrid site or ServePath site.

But what does all of this mean? Trust me, I have read through all of the 19 pages of Frequently Asked Questions and Program documentation and it is a bit overwhelming. So, this blog post is really an effort to try to cull out the critical points of importance for you. However, if there are any questions that you do have after reading this, I encourage you to talk to some WebsiteSpark folks or sales reps at GoGrid or ServePath. At a high-level, this is an incredibly helpful program targeted towards Web Professionals.

Probably the best way to approach this is through a series of questions and answers.

What is WebsiteSpark?

Similar to the Microsoft BizSpark program, WebsiteSpark is designed to help small companies ramp up their business, web dev and design capabilities and offerings. Those companies who qualify for WebsiteSpark can add Microsoft product and platform proficiency to their business credentials as well as help create new business opportunities by connecting them with partners (like Web Hosters) and customers via increased visibility.

What is a “Web Pro”?

Web Pro stands for Web Professional. These are individuals or small companies that specialize in web development, web-based Value-Added Providers (VAPs), web-savvy IT generalists, web design or the management or creation of web services.

How do I qualify to participate in WebsiteSpark?

The qualification is fairly simple. First, your business must primarily focus on providing Web development and/or design services or solution to your customers. Second, your company must have 10 or less members (this includes owners, employees and contractors). Those are the “hard” requirements.

Additionally, you must develop and deploy a minimum of one new website using Microsoft tools and servers within 6 months of enrollment. These websites must be logged with Microsoft. Also, you and your business must be enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN – formerly known as the Microsoft Partner Program).

So I’m interested and I qualify, what do I get by enrolling?

The benefits abound! For starters, you get: New Business Opportunities, Support & Training, and Access to Software & Solutions. Let’s explore these a bit more:

  • New Business Opportunities
    • WebsiteSpark Marketplace – be found by customers by building a web presence to showcase your capabilities, all with a simplified process to connect with qualified customers
    • Partner Recruiting Portal – if you need a partner to compliment or add to your offering or skill set, you can find them within this portal
    • Web App Gallery – find off-the-shelf Web applications and solutions to make your business even better. In the form of a gallery of offerings, you can choose applications that have been designed and built to work within the Microsoft Web platform…all without headaches.
  • Support & Training
    • Receive professional support from Microsoft as well as Network Partners, Hosting Partners and other Web Pros
    • 2 professional support incidents per program membership
    • Free online training
    • Managed newsgroups on the Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN)
  • Access to Software & Solutions
    • Design/Dev/Testing Tools: Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition (3 licenses), Expression Studio 2/3 (1 license), Expression Web 2/3 (2 licenses), Windows Web Server 2008 (3 licenses) and SQL Server 2008 Web (3 licenses)
    • Production & Deployment: Windows Web Server 2008 & SQL Server 2008 Web
    • Special Offers: DotNetPanel control panel to manage web site hosting parameters

What is the cost to join?

There is actually no up-front cost to join WebsiteSpark and receive the benefits. There is a Program Offering Fee of $100 (USD) when your company exits the program. Additionally, if you choose a Hosting  or Network Partner, there may be (reduced) fees associated with using their services.

Ok, that’s cool, but how does GoGrid or ServePath come into the mix?

Obviously, if you are a web application developer or designer, you need to host your or your clients’ apps, services or products somewhere. This is something where WE are experts! If you are looking for the LARGEST Windows Server 2003 and 2008 Cloud Hosting provider out there, then you should choose GoGrid or ServePath as your Hosting Partner within the WebsiteSpark program. If you want to set up a hybrid hosting solution using a combination of cloud and dedicated servers (we call it Cloud Connect) , we are one of the few hosting providers that can do this.

We have put together a robust hosting package, with discounts not available to the general public.There are 3 specific packages available: GoGrid Windows Package, GoGrid/ServePath Hybrid Windows Package and ServePath Windows Package. The details are below:

The GoGrid Windows Package offers not only GoGrid credit towards a new GoGrid account, we also want to help you move your site over to our Cloud and are providing a $100 credit to help you start.

Special Price Normal Price
GoGrid Windows Package $ 99.99/mo +
$ 200 credit
$ 349.98/mo
GoGrid Business Cloud Package $ 99.99/mo $ 99.99/mo
F5 Hardware Load Balancing Service FREE FREE
10 GB Cloud Storage FREE FREE
$100 WebsiteSpark GoGrid Service Credit $100 credit N/A
$100 Professional Services Credit (for migration) $100 credit N/A
Windows Server 2003 or Server 2008 FREE FREE
SQL Server 2008, Web Edition or SQL Server 2005 Standard (WebsiteSpark Startup Program) FREE Web – $99.99/mo
Standard – $249.99/mo
WebsiteSpark Membership FREE FREE

The GoGrid/ServePath Hybrid Windows Package gives you the best of all worlds with the ability to create a hybrid infrastructure environment using both Cloud and Dedicated infrastructures.

Special Price Normal Price
GoGrid / ServePath Hybrid Windows Package $499.96/mo +
$100 credit
GoGrid Business Cloud Package $ 99.99/mo $ 99.99/mo
$100 WebsiteSpark GoGrid Service Credit $100 credit N/A
GoGrid Cloud Connect (connect GoGrid cloud to dedicated servers) FREE $ 49.99
Cloud Server DMZ FREE $ 49.99
F5 Hardware Load Balancing Service (GoGrid cloud servers only) FREE FREE
10 GB Cloud Storage FREE FREE
UltraPath 2 x Quad core 12GB RAM 5×73 SAS RD5 $ 299.99/mo $ 599.99/mo
SQL Server 2008 Web or SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition (WebsiteSpark Startup Program) FREE $499.99/mo
Fortinet HW Firewall w/ VPN & Antivirus $ 49.99/mo $ 99.99/mo
Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery $ 49.99/mo $ 99.99/mo
WebsiteSpark Membership FREE FREE

For those interested in a dedicated hosting plan only, we provide the ServePath Windows Package which has incredibly nice discounts across the board.

Special Price* Normal Price*
ServePath Windows Package $ 799.92/mo $2,259.90/mo
BusinessPath Core 2 Duo 2.13, 4GB RAM 80GB $ 99.99/mo $ 199.99/mo
BusinessPath Core 2 Duo 2.13, 4GB RAM 80GB $ 99.99/mo $ 199.99/mo
Windows Server 2008 Web or Windows Server 2008 or 2003 Standard Ed. (WebsiteSpark Startup Program) (x2 servers) FREE $129.99/mo
UltraPath 2 x Quad core 12GB RAM 5×73 SAS RD5 $ 349.99/mo $ 599.99/mo
SQL Server 2008 Web or SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition (WebsiteSpark Startup Program) FREE $499.99/mo
Private Network $ 24.99/mo $ 49.99/mo
Fortinet HW Firewall w/ VPN & Antivirus $ 39.99/mo $ 99.99/mo
Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery $ 39.99/mo $ 99.99/mo
Add servers to Backup Package (x2) $ 19.99 $ 79.99
SSL VPN Included $ - $ -
Managed Load Balancing Service (x3) $ 124.99/mo $ 299.99/mo
BizSpark Membership FREE FREE
Setup Fee
$399.99 $1,399.99

(*1 year commitment required)

If you are not sure which package is the best for you, be sure to contact a GoGrid or ServePath Sales Representative. They will not only help you through your choices, but also can provide you with a GoGrid trial credit to get you going in the GoGrid Cloud.

Where can I find out more information?

Probably the best way is to talk to a GoGrid or ServePath Sales Representative (as mentioned previously). However, the Microsoft WebsiteSpark site does have a lot of helpful information including a Program Guide (note: direct link to Adobe PDF document). Also, feel free to leave any questions you may have as a comment on this post.

We hope that you sign up with WebsiteSpark with GoGrid/ServePath as your hosting partner. It’s a tremendous program that you would be foolish not to take advantage of.

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