Webinar: Cloud Recovery – Disaster Recovery using the GoGrid Cloud

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Tomorrow, strategic partner Stratonomic and GoGrid will be hosting a webinar where you can learn how you can enable the lowest cost Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions in the cloud (specifically the GoGrid cloud). Disaster Recovery is often either ignored because of high-cost concerns or the complicated nature of it. Doing it yourself can be extremely time consuming, difficult and frequently, customers don’t even know where to begin.

I particularly like how Stratonomic phrases it on their site:

(COST) EFFECTIVE FAULT TOLERANCE: Can your disaster recovery (DR) site handle all of your traffic, securely and reliably? Do you even have a DR site? Setting up and maintaining DR site in the cloud is not only extremely cheap, but it will let you sleep soundly at night. How cheap?  Save 75% in your OPEX, and over 90% in CAPEX compared to building out and hosting your own DR site. We like to call it DR on a dime.


Luckily, the Cloud offers a great solution for DR, and Stratonomic has created many various Disaster Recovery solutions within the GoGrid cloud that will fit most IT organization’s needs, all starting as low as $349 per month.


The webinar information is as follows:

Date: Tuesday, August 25th, 2009
Time: 10:00 AM to 11:45 AM (Pacific Time)
Registration: Online Registration form located here

Ben_sharmaBen Sharma, CEO, Stratonomic

Stratonomic was founded by folks who have dozens of years of experience in building out and operating very large scale web operations with 1000s of servers in very large scale datacenter environments. Over the past several years, as cloud computing has become more robust and feasible, this group has been deeply involved in beta test programs from various cloud providers. Their hands on and insider experience with cloud computing vendors is unparalleled.

Ben Sharma has held many executive roles in web engineering and operations. Notably he was the VP of Network Operations and Engineering at Speedera Networks (now part of Akamai) and oversaw the buildout of the world’s second largest content delivery network at the time. He has degrees in Economics and Engineering from Caltech.

kole-bio-picKole Hicks, Product Marketing Manager, GoGrid

As Product Marketing Manager for GoGrid, Kole Hicks is responsible for setting strategic objectives for GoGrid as well as organizing various marketing activities to support the GoGrid brand. Kole is constantly in contact with GoGrid customers and partners in order to gather information about the current product and he acts as the customer evangelist when it comes time to place new features on the roadmap. Prior to joining GoGrid Kole worked as a Product Planner for Microsoft working on a range of products and initiatives.

More information about the GoGrid/Stratonomic strategic partnership can be found in this press release as well as on the GoGrid site. There are a variety of turnkey services that this partnership provides, including:

  • Secondary data center location
  • Database replication
  • File system synchronization
  • Dynamic DNS failover
  • Global load balancing across primary and secondary sites
  • Monthly verification test
  • Monthly verification test report
  • Verification server(s)
  • 24 hour alert notification to your Web/IT team in the event of a disaster
  • Primary site monitoring from 2 separate locations

We hope that you can attend this important Disaster Recovery solution webinar.

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