New Version of GoGrid Released: Server Image Selection, RAM, API and Architecture Changes

July 2nd, 2009 by - 8,998 views

Last night we release a new version of GoGrid that has a few notable changes, specifically:

  • Server Image Selection Widget
  • Smart selection of RAM allocations (and 8 GB RAM options in web GUI)
  • Updates to GoGrid API
  • Enhancements to underlying Architecture

Server Image Selection Widget

The biggest visual change in this release is to how Windows and Linux Database, Web and Applications server images are selected within the GoGrid web interface. This is essentially the framework that will be used for the upcoming MyGSI feature. Since we continue to add new images to the GoGrid image repository, and we will be enabling your own personal server images to be stored within GoGrid, we realized that the current selection process of Application & Database servers doesn’t scale very well.

Our software engineering team has come up with an elegant image selection widget that will allow you to quickly drill-down to the image type you wish. Instead of trying to articulate what the new selector looks like, here are some screenshots of what to expect.

After you click on the Add Web/Application Server Icon, you are presented with a list of all available images:


You can see that the list shows the Name, Operating System (OS), Architecture type (32/64-bit), Type of server (Web/DB), Price (e.g., MS SQL, for example, shows a charge – see below) and the Date the image was Updated.

The image below shows a list of Database Servers filtered by “64-bit” Architecture (note the icon in the upper left-hand corner).


The image below shows the filter for Architecture for Web & Application Servers.


Below is the Operating System filter.


If you know the Name or keywords relating to the image (“PHP” for example), you can type it in. To filter the list, simply hit ENTER and the results will only show those images that match your keywords. The free-form text filter works on Name, OS, Application Stacks and Architecture fields.


Each of the Columns also allow for sorting, filtering and grouping.


Smart Selection of RAM Allocations (8GB via Web Portal)

Once you have chosen the image that you want by highlighting the image and clicking the Next button, you are presented with a screen where you can enter in the Name, Description, Public IP address and RAM for that particular server. An important change in this release is the ability now to select 8 GB RAM allocations for certain images.


Some images are not available in the larger (4 and 8 GB RAM allotments) and the UI now filters out those options (e.g., Windows Server 32-bit images are only available in 512 MB, 1 GB and 2 GB configurations).


However, 64-bit Windows Server images do have 4 and 8 GB options.


API Version 1.1 released

We have incremented the version of the GoGrid API to version 1.1. There are not any new API methods or object, just simply some updates to attributes. Details can be found on the GoGrid Wiki. Items that have been updated include:

  • Server Image (Object)
    • architecture
    • type
    • state
    • price
    • billingTokens
  • IP (Object)
    • state
  • Billing Summary (Object)
    • startTimestamp
    • endTimestamp

Enhancement to Underlying Architecture

Lastly, we have made some non-visible changes to the underlying architecture of GoGrid in preparation for the launch of the MyGSI functionality. While these are not immediately obvious to the end user, they will help with the forthcoming release of MyGSIs.

As always, we sincerely hope that you enjoy this GoGrid release. Comments, suggestions and feedback are always appreciated and welcome!

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Michael Sheehan

Michael Sheehan, formerly the Technology Evangelist for GoGrid, is a recognized technology, social media, and cloud computing pundit and blogger who writes regularly about technology news and trends.

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  1. Wagner Silva says:

    We are almost there.

    • Wagner Silva says:

      It's very nice to see myGSI working.
      Next step:
      - possibility to change RAM values without deleting. Only clicking an arrow. :)
      - possibility to change HD values without deleting. Only clicking an arrow. :)
      If you guys do that. You gonna be unbeatable. ahaha

  2. Any updated release date for myGSI?

  3. Cool, it's now totally flexible

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