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Last Chance – GoGrid Free Trial Credit Ends July 2nd!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 by

For those of you waiting to try out Cloud Computing or GoGrid, I wanted to be sure that you were all aware that the $50 Free GoGrid Trial Credit program will be ending on July 2nd, 2009! We recently sent out an email to all of those people who had expressed some interest in GoGrid Cloud Computing Hosting and Infrastructure. However, that was just limited to people that we knew about. I wanted to make sure that others who are not on our mailing lists are informed about this important change.


Below are the contents of the email:

If you have been considering trying GoGrid’s award winning cloud computing platform, you don’t want to miss out on your free trial. Sign up via the website before July 2, 2009 to redeem your credit.
With GoGrid you get the most control out of your cloud  computing infrastructure. Included with every account at no additional cost are the following:

Dedicated / Cloud Hybrid Hosting

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Newsletter: GoGrid Customer Update v1.9

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 by

For those of you who are not currently GoGrid customers, I thought that it might be good to provide our latest GoGrid Newsletter online. Moving forward, I will be doing this every time the newsletter comes out. First, a little heads up. The current $50 Free GoGrid Trial will be expiring soon, so if you haven’t tried GoGrid out yet, I encourage you to do so…NOW! Simply visit this page to get started.


Below is the GoGrid newsletter (v1.9):


I want to reach out and give you an update on the software projects currently in-flight and their associated release dates.  Our software engineers are working hard preparing some exciting new features and services and I wanted to keep you appraised of our progress.  Some of the new features are exciting because they will help you better manage and scale your GoGrid cloud infrastructure.  Here are some important highlights:

  1. New release date for MyGSI (My GoGrid Server Image)
  2. Enhancements to server deployments via the portal (8 GB RAM and faster server deployment time)
  3. Ubuntu support
  4. Prepaid pricing plans that can save you cash
  5. AppZero partnership that allows you to easily move Windows apps to and from the GoGrid cloud
  6. Lost password reset

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Press Release: Cloud Computing Provider GoGrid Enables Highly Scalable Web Applications Using Zeus Technology

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 by

GoGrid is pleased to announce today our technology partnership with Zeus Technology. This strategic partnership brings Zeus’ leadership in software-based application traffic management to GoGrid’s Cloud Hosting infrastructure. Using Zeus’ ZXTM VA (Virtual Appliance), GoGrid customers can now add robust traffic management capabilities like traffic shaping and prioritization, content compression and service level monitoring, among others.


Other benefits of using Zeus’ ZXTM include:

  • TrafficScript—the most intuitive traffic routing language available
  • Java Extensions for sophisticated traffic processing needs
  • Server Load Balancing providing Layer 7 traffic management for all applications
  • TrafficCluster Scalability to grow capacity and prevent compound failures
  • Application Acceleration for enhanced ROI on new and existing deployments
  • Control API for tight integration between ZXTM and other devices
  • Event Handling for automated alerting and resolution of key events
  • More are listed on the Zeus GoGrid Partner page

The full press release is below as well as available online.

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GoGrid/AppZero Webinar & Presentation Now Available

Monday, June 1st, 2009 by

Last week GoGrid held a joint webinar with AppZero titled “Moving Windows Server Applications to the Cloud in Three Easy Steps.” Over 70 people attended and many others have requested that we publish the webinar and presentation.

For your convenience, we have the full webinar available below:

The full PowerPoint presentation is also available online and you can see it below:

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