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C|net and Webware have announced their list of user-submitted nominations for the 2009 Webware 100. Of the numerous nominations, GoGrid was then later selected by the Webware editors as one of the final 100 in the list. This is a “People’s Choice” type of award around the best Web 2.0 applications and services. More information about the Webware 100 can be found here.

To jump right to the voting for GoGrid, under the Infrastructure & Storage category, please click here or click the logo below.


There are 10 categories that users can vote on, as well as an 11th category where the Webware editors select an additional winner. The categories are:

  • Audio and music: Music streaming and download, podcasting, audio book services, recommendation systems.
  • Browsing: Tools to access online content, including browsers, start pages, RSS readers, widgets, and runtime engines
  • Commerce: Retail, auctions, marketplaces, travel, event tickets, and real estate
  • Communications: E-mail, chat, voice
  • Infrastructure and storage: Web app platforms and tools; online storage and synchronization products
  • Location-based services: Mapping, friend finders, business locators, geographic services (new category for 2009)
  • Photo and video: Photo storage, sharing, and editing; video storage, playback, streaming, editing, and animation
  • Productivity: Tools for work and organization
  • Search and reference: Data and ways to find it; search tools and knowledge repositories like wikis
  • Social and publishing: Social networking, shared online environments, content management, blogging, and micro-blogging
  • Editors’ awards: To be announced, but these will include awards for up-and-coming products, design, innovative use of technology, and so on.

GoGrid was nominated under the “Infrastructure and storage” category and we couldn’t be happier. We have been providing Infrastructure “in the Cloud” since our launch at the beginning of 2008. Others have already “seen the light” as evidenced by our Linux World 2008 Product Excellence Award of BEST OF SHOW.”

For those not yet convinced, here are some reasons why you should vote for GoGrid for the Webware 100:

  • Industry first Hybrid Hosting with Cloud Connect which allows you to create dynamic infrastructures with scalable cloud web server front-ends and dedicated or colocated servers in the backend
  • 1st to offer a “Free Trial” in the Cloud Infrastructure Space
  • 1st to offer a Web-Based Control Panel & using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) with Google’s recognition
  • 1st to offer Windows Server 2003 AND 2008 “in the Cloud”
  • 1st to offer MS SQL Server 2005 AND 2008 “in the Cloud”
  • 1st to provide persistent storage with all Cloud Servers
  • Simple billing based on hourly RAM usage of deployed servers and outbound transfer
  • Free 24/7 Technical Support
  • Free f5 Load Balancers
  • Free 10GB Cloud Storage
  • Free inbound transfer
  • Public and Private networking
  • Free contiguous blocks of public IP addresses
  • REST-like API which is under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license
  • Dedicated Service Teams
  • And much more!

Still not convinced? Read what the Press has been saying about GoGrid over the past year. Also, let’s not forget about! What other Cloud Computing vendors can say they have destroyed hardware with flamethrowers, machine guns and explosives? Here is a run-down of some notable events from 2008 according to the GoGrid blog.

So, if you have a few minutes, please visit the 2009 Webware 100 Finalist voting section for Infrastructure & Storage and show your GoGrid support by logging a vote for us! Thanks!

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