Cloud Computing and a Bunch of NO’s!

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Cloud Computing is the panacea of all things! It will make you rich in seconds! It will prevent hair loss, reconnect you with lost friends and family, find you a mate for life and get you a PhD in the process. With those kind of promises, what’s not to love!


But seriously though, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon about touting the strengths of the Cloud. So let’s take a “negative” look at this.

  • No Stress– with the Cloud, say good-bye to those loud datacenters and worrying about the electromagnetic radiation giving you a tan. Simply fire up a web-browser, log in and instantly deploy a handful of servers in the Cloud in minutes.
  • Hang up on your Sales Rep/Just say “no” – tired of having to work through a pushy sales rep who is trying to sell you infrastructure and their grandmother’s old Volvo? Just say “buh-bye” and DIY (Do It Yourself). (I’m sure our GoGrid sales reps will beat me up over this idea…BUT, on the flipside, our sales reps CAN be a good resource for you and give you technical expertise and additional discounts not available for DIY-ers.)
  • “No Commitment” in the Cloud is a Good Thing unlike people relationships – is your significant other pushing you into a corner? Do you cringe when you hear the word “commitment”? The Cloud is something that lets you avoid that nasty “C” word. No Contracts = No Commitment & No Crap!
  • No Heavy Lifting – so, when you signed your employment application, did your HR folks, founders, owners or whomever tell you that you had to lug servers and other hardware around? Have you EVER tried to slide a 50 lb database server into a tiny rack or cage, only to find out that the rails weren’t the right type? Do you even know how heavy a back-up power diesel generator is? Guess what, Cloud servers are weightless.
  • No Cranky Datacenter Techs – “the website is down!” Have you all seen this incredibly funny video? [Note: there is some swearing and "questionable" content in the video…you have been warned.] Have you actually gone through this scenario? With the Cloud, you don’t have to deal with these types…you can just be cranky with yourself!
  • No Office required – just like not having to have a datacenter, you don’t need an office either. Do everything from your computer wherever you are.
  • No Hardware – well this is an obvious one, so much so, we registered the domain!
  • No Over-using your Carbon Credits – running your own server or even a datacenter is like chugging along in a 70′s-era gas guzzler. Save the planet now! Clouds are good in so many ways. They are greener, more efficient and better for the environment.
  • No Lost Business – if your business becomes popular, are you ready for it? If you under-bought your hardware, probably not. Just say “goodbye” to all of those eyeballs and monetary transactions as your hardware strains to keep up. Did you over-buy it all? Good job! You are eating up power you don’t even need…and your CFO is probably deducting it from your next year’s budget or, gasp, your paycheck. Scaling up and down with the Cloud makes you smart, saves you money and most importantly, keeps your customers happy!
  • No Killing Trees– tired of all of the paperwork and approvals involved in requisitioning servers? Just don’t do it any more. With the Cloud, all you need is a credit card and some lofty ideas. Pump some more oxygen into the air by going with the super easy process of click and deploy with only a credit card and some visionary thoughts in your head.
  • No Dial-up Hosting – rural IT got you down? Are you hosting with a local mom & pop who may not work if there is a blizzard or rainstorm? Make your move out of the backwoods and into the future through the hosting in the Cloud.
  • No Barriers – especially with GoGrid, you aren’t bogged down with proprietary standards or limits. You do what you want, when you want to. You have full control! “Control in the Cloud™”
  • No CapEx – buying servers is “old school” and a pain in the butt. Did you forget to request that extra NIC when you placed your order? By the way, GoGrid Cloud servers come with 2 right “out of the box,” one for public networking and one for private.
  • No Purchase Decision Risk – well, at least with GoGrid, you can try it all out on our dime! I’m not sure if I can say that about the other Cloud vendors out there. Personally, I wish I could try EVERYTHING before I buy it!
  • No Cabling – does your server environment look like this? What about this? This looks a bit better, but think about the hours that went into it (the last picture is from our datacenter, those other ones aren’t). Leave the spaghetti on your plate where it should be. Wiring is a thing of the past! It simply doesn’t exist in the Cloud!
  • No Shirt Required – heck, if you want to set up and run your Cloud infrastructure naked, I’m all for it! Do it from the privacy of your home, the bathroom or the top of a mountain somewhere.[1]
  • No Limits – well, since you are already in the Clouds, the sky is the limit. Leave the infrastructure to us and pour your ideas and dreams into your code.

Enough said? Just say NO to the “old way” of doing IT and YES to the Cloud! Remember, it takes fewer facial muscles to smile than it does to frown.

  1. Internet connection required – duh! []

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Michael Sheehan

Michael Sheehan, formerly the Technology Evangelist for GoGrid, is a recognized technology, social media, and cloud computing pundit and blogger who writes regularly about technology news and trends.

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  1. Girish Bhat says:

    Funny post…and all true.

  2. Steven Buelow says:

    Good stuff.

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