Robert Scoble & FastCompany.TV Visit & Interview GoGrid

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fctv_v2_logo This week, we had the privilege of having Robert Scoble and FastCompany.TV visit the GoGrid offices here in San Francisco. (Believe it or not, it was actually the second time they visited within a month, but due to some lost footage, the interviews and demos had to be re-shot.) is a Business Video Network that not only brings business video content to viewers solely via the Internet, but the content itself is raw and very dynamic (more about FastCompany.TV here). In his interviews, Robert brings a meld of technology and personalities. His videos frequently are with key players of prominent businesses and corporations as well as startups and Web 2.0-ers, and he really seems to enjoy showcasing the technology and the people and ideas behind the technology.

scobleizer-tv In our interview, we really wanted Robert to understand the power of Cloud Computing and the GoGrid vision therein, especially from the perspective of a Cloud Infrastructure provider. As expected, Robert was well versed and up-to-speed on “all things Cloud” and had hands-on experience setting up datacenters so grasping our concept of the “cloudcenter” was extremely easy (as you can see in the video).

Below is the interview between Robert, John Keagy (CEO – GoGrid) and Randy Bias (VP of Technology Strategy – GoGrid). The video is also available on the FastCompany.TV site.

Be sure to watch through the video for a challenge that we are having with Robert!

I also took some pictures from the original filming a few weeks ago.


Robert seems to be quite happy with his new GoGrid hat!


Robert setting up for a sound check


Robert Scoble & Justin Kitagawa (GoGrid’s Senior Technical Product Manager)


Robert helps Justin position his mic


Rocky Barbanica (FastCompany.TV’s Senior Producer) setting up the 2 HD Cameras


John Keagy (GoGrid’s CEO) and Robert


Setting the white balance prior to filming


Robert interviews John and Randy Bias (GoGrid’s VP of Technology Strategy)


John, Robert and Paul Lappas (GoGrid’s VP of Engineering)


Robert in the data center sending this “Datacenter Porn” text & image to FriendFeed


Randy Bias, Michael Sheehan (GoGrid’s Technology Evangelist), Robert Scoble, John Keagy, Paul Lappas and Justin Kitagawa

We hope you enjoy the interview! Let us know if you have any questions about any of the items discussed therein.

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