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calendar 2008 was an action-packed year for us here at GoGrid and ServePath and we have many accomplishments to be proud of. I thought it would make sense to reflect back on what major things we did over the year as well as a few other notables that happened within the industry. The easiest way for me to do this is through a blog post Chronology (not every post is highlighted):

1st Quarter 2008

  • 01.03.08 – GoGrid Blog was launched
  • 01.29.08 – “Sneak Peak” at GoGrid
  • 02.01.08 – Twitter and Joyent go different ways
  • 02.05.08Understanding “Clouded” Computer Terms – a post that made a 1st attempt to explain Cloud, Utility, Grid and other Computing terms.
  • 02.13.08 – Dilbert does a series on Virtualization (here, here and here)
  • 02.15.08 – Amazon’s S3 has major outage (my comments)
  • 02.21.08 – GoGrid launches a new public website in anticipation of the product launch
  • 03.11.08GoGrid Public Beta LAUNCH! After over 2 years of development, GoGrid hits the streets with many Cloud Computing firsts:
    • 1st Cloud Infrastructure provider with a Web GUI
    • 1st to offer Windows Server 2003 in the Cloud
    • 1st to offer Microsoft SQL Server in the Cloud
    • 1st with free Inbound Transfer
    • 1st with free f5 Load Balancing
    • 1st with free 24×7 Support
    • 1st with Persistent Storage
    • 1st with free managed DNS
    • 1st with 100% Uptime SLA
    • 1st with public and private VLANs
  • 03.17.08Drilling down on the details of new GoGrid accounts
  • 03.18.08 – Even I wasn’t initially on board with the whole “Cloud Computing” term. My thoughts have changed obviously.
  • 03.28.08 – The initial GoGrid FAQ’s start rolling out.

2nd Quarter 2008

3rd Quarter 2008

  • 07.07.08 – GoGrid hits 1000th user and coverage by TechCrunchIT
  • 07.17.08 – GoGrid launches API
  • 07.18.08 – NetworkWorld, C|net & TechCrunchIT cover GoGrid’s new API
  • 07.21.08 – InfoWorld does a side-by-side comparison of GoGrid, Amazon’s EC2 and Google App Engine
  • 07.22.08 – Teens-in-Tech founder, Daniel Brusilovsky, interview of GoGrid
  • 07.31.08 – Google Web Toolkit (GWT) showcases GoGrid
  • 08.06.08 – GoGrid WINS LinuxWorld 2008 Best of Show in Product Excellence
  • 08.19.08 – GoGrid is the FIRST to launch Windows Server 2008 in the Cloud
  • 09.09.08 – the first video is released
  • 09.16.08 – Financial Markets start getting very shaky. Cloud Computing can help stabilize.
  • 09.17.08 – GoGrid and RightScale partnership announced
  • 09.22.08Feature preview of GoGrid’s Cloud Storage (now live)
  • 09.23.08 – the second video is released
  • 09.29.08 – The “Original” Cloud Computing in Plain English produced in-house by GoGrid launches
  • 09.30.08 – GoGrid and Appistry partnership announced

4th Quarter 2008

Happy New Year to all of you from us at GoGrid. May 2009 be happy, healthy and prosperous!

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