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Financial and Technology Markets are “Cloudy”

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 by

Perhaps that subject was not strong enough. The Financial Sector is currently weathering a hurricane, recently suffering the largest drop since 9/11. Merrill Lynch fell into the hands of Bank of America. Lehman Brothers is in bankruptcy and looking for a buyer with Barclays buying some of their assets. The Airline industry is failing. AIG and other financial companies are looking for some sort of an economic bailout. HP is eliminating 24,600 jobs. And this was all over just a few days. If one extends the look a bit further, the perspective is just a grim: gas prices going up, the dollar losing value and housing going down. One simply cannot be surprised by any of this.

Source: e*Trade graph of Dow Jones on 9/16/08

The Tech Sector is getting hammered as well, but this time, it isn’t “our fault.” The Dot Com bust managed to drag down the other sectors last time, but we learned our lesson. Long gone are unproven businesses and their associated models. Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors are taking long looks at business, not just getting in the car for a drive but doing a full check under the hood, looking at the road both ahead and behind and fully vetting the drivers and passengers. To get money as a start-up is truly an accomplishment nowadays. You have to have a proven business model, installed user base, and a clear direction of where your company and your industry will go.

I recently attended TechCrunch 50 which showcases 50 startups and allows them to present their business or service to a panel of experts. I saw about 1/2 of the companies’ presentations and I noticed that the companies where they couldn’t articulate or prove their monetization strategy, these companies got an earful of criticism from the experts. Similarly, at a meetup in San Francisco, the question asked every presenter is “How are you making or going to make money?” It’s a very simple question, but one that must be answered or the company loses credibility.

Perhaps we should apply these same simple questions to the Financial, Housing and Airline Industries? I guess the markets are already doing that.

It will take a long time before all of these markets start to recover, and corporations and businesses are currently challenged to prevent the hemorrhage of money and capital expenditures within their IT infrastructure. I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal called “Cutting Tech’s Energy Bill” by William M. Bulkeley that discusses how large companies are looking at ways to cut electricity usage within the Enterprise. With energy costs directly and indirectly rising, it’s critical for the embattled IT manager or director to make fiscally sound and environmentally responsible decisions to keep their business moving forward will simultaneously ensuring that their technology progresses.

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GoGrid at TechCrunch 50, Helping Startups

Sunday, September 7th, 2008 by

From Monday through Wednesday (Sept 8-10), GoGrid will be an exhibitor at TechCrunch 50. The TechCrunch Expo was started last year with a simple goal: “find the best start-ups and launch them in front of our industry‚Äôs most influential VCs, corporations, fellow entrepreneurs and press.” This is an event where 50 start-ups are launched into stardom. There is also a “DemoPit” where 100 early stage startups are introduced to the public.

We have always felt that it is important to give startups an opportunity to succeed by allowing them to focus on their business and not their hosting. GoGrid is great for startups for so many reasons: usage-based billing, scalability, free support, and the on-demand nature of requisitioning and provisioning hardware in real-time. Furthering our commitment to startups, GoGrid (and ServePath) also host a not-for-profit meetup in San Francisco called StartUp SF. This event is designed to provide people who are engaged in initial stages of a startup, thinking about launching a new company or just excited to exchange ideas with like-minded professionals, with tactics and strategies to head down the road of success. We will be having the StartUp SF (v1.3) meetup at the conclusion of TechCrunch 50 from 6-9pm (just at the right time to have some food and drinks and hear some design team strategy tips from guest speaker, Scott Nazarian, from the premier design shop, frog design).

For those who want to follow the action of TechCrunch 50, uStream has provided a live feed of the event (shown below):

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

Hope to see some of you at the TC50 event! Drop by our booth and come to StartUp SF after TC50 on Wednesday night after the event.

GoGrid Password Security Update

Friday, September 5th, 2008 by

Recently some questions were presented related to security of the GoGrid portal, passwords and how GoGrid support handles passwords. We take these matters with utmost priority and consequently have immediately implemented some short and long terms procedures, policies and programmatic fixes to address them.

GoGrid is a secure environment

For starters, I would like to reiterate the fact that the entire GoGrid portal, including the Support chat therein, are 128-bit SSL encrypted. This has been in place since GoGrid was initially launched and a hard-stop requirement when we did launch.

Also, all GoGrid passwords are 1-way hash-encrypted within our databases and have been this way since the public launch of GoGrid.

New Procedures and Password-Recovery Development

In order to rectify this current password security concern, we have implemented the following items (effective immediately): (more…) «GoGrid Password Security Update»