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Video: Understanding Cloud Computing

Monday, September 29th, 2008 by

Cloud Computing has entered mainstream media…but if you ask people what it is, many can’t really tell you. My job as the Technology Evangelist at GoGrid is to try to help people understand it, whether they be technical or not. We have several channels that we have been trying to communicate what cloud computing is, and each method talks to a different audience. However, I sometimes forget that not everybody is technical or loves technology as much as I do and when I start talking to those people, their eyes glaze over.

Here are some of the current ways we, here at GoGrid, are talking about Cloud Computing:

  • The GoGrid product site – for general product information
  • This GoGrid blog – industry and GoGrid specific topics
  • The GoGrid Wiki – for technical documentation
  • The GoGrid Forums – where GoGrid users can ask questions or post tips
  • – showing Cloud Computing in a different light

Well, a few months ago, we realized that we needed something even simpler and more understandable, generalized enough for anyone to understand. What Tim (GoGrid UI Designer) and I came up with is below (also hosted on YouTube here):

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