PodCast: Cloud Cafe #15 – RightScale and GoGrid

September 17th, 2008 by - 3,006 views

image John Willis just produced an Interesting podcast with Michael Crandell (CEO of RightScale). In this podcast, John interviews Michael about RightScale’s recent announcement of the GoGrid/RightScale partnership as well as other partnerships and ideas.

More info on the GoGrid/RightScale partnership can be seen here.

If I could sum up the podcast, it would be how RightScale (with a partnership with GoGrid and others) are delivering the “on-ramp” to allow companies to migrate to the Cloud and provide portability to the cloud by providing a multi-hosted cloud infrastructure.

The podcast can be heard here. Highlights, according to John are:

  • Services is key to the clouds
  • No Windows support at this time (ed. note: Windows Server 2003/2008 in the Cloud is currently available on GoGrid)
  • Infrastructure cloud partners
  • Clarification on Rackspace/Mosso
  • RightScale and Eucalyptus Wasup?
  • Changes to the RightScale Business Model

This is yet another clear example of how all Cloud Providers and Enablers are working towards a common good and breaking down potential barriers to entry, especially for the Enterprise. As the Cloud continues to crystallize, individual providers and aggregators will become more prevalent and the on-ramp to enablement even more accessible.

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Michael Sheehan

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