GoGrid’s Cloud Computing API is LIVE!

July 17th, 2008 by - 13,421 views

If you were watching closely, the GoGrid API was released at the end of last week. Today however, we are making it official! With the release of the API, GoGrid users can now programmatically control their cloud infrastructure on GoGrid. What is truly unique about this offering is that we are the first Cloud Computing provider to provide both a web-based control panel/GUI (Graphical User Interface) and an API (Application Programming Interface), coupled with Windows and Linux cloud servers, free load balancing and support, free static IPs and more.


API’s are critical to many Developers and System Administrators who are looking to have even more rigorous control over their environments. The GoGrid API provides the ability to:

  • create interactive GoGrid management applications
  • allow Resellers to skin their own GoGrid portals
  • script and link various GoGrid commands for automation
  • connect GoGrid functions to other management tools or environments
  • query and retrieve real-time information on billing, usage and GoGrid devices and objects

When we created the API, we wanted to be sure that it not only lived up to our phrase “Control in the Cloud” but also that it was easy to use, well documented and feature-rich. Others in the Cloud Computing space (like Amazon’s EC2) elected to release an API first and then hope that others would build more friendly interfaces around that API. We decided to produce the web GUI first (so that everyone from novices to tech-savvy users could use GoGrid immediately) and then round off our offering with the API (more skewed towards Programmers and Developers).


For those technically inclined, here are some details on what you can expect from the GoGrid API:

  • REST-like Query interface that allows the sending of HTTP GET or POST requests to the GoGrid API REST server
  • API Keys are easily generated within the GoGrid web GUI
  • Unlimited number of API Keys can be generated per account
  • API Keys can be individually enabled or disabled at any time through the web GUI
  • API Keys can be assigned the same role-based access controls (RBACs) as GoGrid GUI users
  • Changes made via the GoGrid API are reflected in GoGrid’s GUI in real-time
  • API output formats: JSON (Java Script Object Notation), XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and CSV (Comma Separated Value)
  • Supports API calls from Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby as well as shell scripting language like bash


There are several methods available:

  • General commands
    • List – lists all requested objects
    • Get – retrieves all information on selected single object
    • Add – add a device or object
    • Delete – delete a device or object
    • Power – start/stop/restart servers
  • Items supported and available methods:
    • Load balancer (list, get, add, delete) – commands related to Load Balancers
    • Server (list, get, add, delete, power) – commands related to Servers
    • Image (list) – lists available server images available
    • IP (list) – lists all assigned, unassigned, public and/or private IPs
    • Password (list, get) – lists all passwords for system/server
    • Billing (get) – display billing summary data for account
    • Utility (list) – lists all valid options for a particular lookup

Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) are available. The matrix below illustrates the support:


I could probably go on and on about the plethora of features contained within the API. Best bet though is to sign-up for a GoGrid account and try it yourself. More information on the API can be found on the GoGrid website.

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