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GoGrid’s Cloud Computing API is LIVE!

Thursday, July 17th, 2008 by

If you were watching closely, the GoGrid API was released at the end of last week. Today however, we are making it official! With the release of the API, GoGrid users can now programmatically control their cloud infrastructure on GoGrid. What is truly unique about this offering is that we are the first Cloud Computing provider to provide both a web-based control panel/GUI (Graphical User Interface) and an API (Application Programming Interface), coupled with Windows and Linux cloud servers, free load balancing and support, free static IPs and more.


API’s are critical to many Developers and System Administrators who are looking to have even more rigorous control over their environments. The GoGrid API provides the ability to:

  • create interactive GoGrid management applications
  • allow Resellers to skin their own GoGrid portals
  • script and link various GoGrid commands for automation
  • connect GoGrid functions to other management tools or environments
  • query and retrieve real-time information on billing, usage and GoGrid devices and objects

When we created the API, we wanted to be sure that it not only lived up to our phrase “Control in the Cloud” but also that it was easy to use, well documented and feature-rich. Others in the Cloud Computing space (like Amazon’s EC2) elected to release an API first and then hope that others would build more friendly interfaces around that API. We decided to produce the web GUI first (so that everyone from novices to tech-savvy users could use GoGrid immediately) and then round off our offering with the API (more skewed towards Programmers and Developers).


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Cost of Unit of Cloud Computing – GoGrid Makes It Easy

Thursday, July 17th, 2008 by

zdnet_logo Phil Wainewright, writer for ZDNet, posed the question “How much is a unit of cloud computing?” in his Software as a Service article. He brings up an interesting point. There are many Cloud Computing providers that offer differing types of billing models and mentions Dan Farber’s 3 year old comment: “…an industry standard definition of CPU per hour usage doesn’t exist. There is no equivalent to kilowatt hours or the price of a barrel of oil for CPU usage.”

His article continues to discuss how standards have not emerged, which is expected due to the “newness” of the Cloud Computing industry. There are several Cloud Computing providers that seem to have adopted this billing model…and users are still confused.

We took a different approach with GoGrid and instead of calculating pricing based on a complex algorithm or formula derived from CPU cycles (which are cryptic enough), we base it on RAM utilization. GoGrid billing is based on a 1 GB RAM Hour. That makes things simple. If you have a 1GB RAM cloud server deployed on GoGrid for 1 hour, it costs $0.19. There are, of course, volume pricing plans available which drive down the per unit cost, but this is a very tangible amount that people can easily calculate. A calculator is all that you need.

GoGrid even provides a pricing widget within the web GUI that allows you to estimate your costs based on your deployed servers (e.g., servers in a started or stopped state).


GoGrid provides an alternative to other Cloud Computing providers not only in the rich feature set offered but also in the billing process. It’s easy, you just need a credit card to deploy and load balance your network infrastructure in the Cloud…and you can do it in minutes.