New Feature: “IP Suggest” Makes Finding an Unused Public IP Address Easy!

June 4th, 2008 by - 9,736 views

Yesterday we rolled out a new feature for GoGrid that should make the creation of Servers and Load Balancers even easier and faster. We call it “IP Suggest” and it is extremely easy to use. As you are creating a new Server or Load Balancer and you come to the IP Address field, just start typing in the beginning digits of your IP addresses. The network “widget” shows you a list of all of your Public IP addresses, used or unused.


For the Application/Web/Database servers, only the UNUSED IP addresses are presented within the IP address field.


The Load Balancer acts a bit differently. For the Virtual IP field, only the UNUSED IP addresses are displayed, however on the Real IPs field (these would be the IP addresses of the application/web/database server where you want the Load Balancer to direct traffic), ALL IP addresses are displayed.

LB_virtualIP_unused LB_realIPs_suggest

Below is a quick Flash video that showcases the feature in action.

Hope you like this enhancement!

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  1. How many IPs can you have on gogrid? Are they free?

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