Facebook Application Hosting Comparison Matrix (Updated 2)

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8.27.08 – Note: Facebook and MySpace-enabled servers are currently unavailable on GoGrid. However, we have added other server images since the writing of this article. The table below has been slightly modified to reflect some changes. For a comparison of GoGrid to Amazon’s EC2, please see this page.

With the Facebook QuickStart Servers available now on GoGrid, we have received questions as to how the GoGrid service compares with others in the cloud computing and Facebook space. While this is not the “end-all” comparison, it does provide a point of reference between GoGrid, Amazon EC2 and Joyent.

Chart updated on 8/27/08.

GoGrid Amazon (EC2) Joyent
Windows Support YES NO NO
Linux Support YES YES NO
OpenSolaris Support NO NO YES
Graphical User Interface (GUI) YES NO NO
CPU 1 Xeon Core 1 Virtual Core 1/32 Xeon Core
RAM 1 GB 1.7 GB 512 MB
Storage Allotments (GB) 60 160 10
Full Root access YES YES YES
Load Balancing FREE $72/month NO
24×7 Support FREE $500/month NO
Price $72/month* $72/month FREE
Inbound data transfer (GB) FREE $0.10 500 recipients/hr
Outbound data transfer (GB) $0.25* $0.17 500 recipients/hr

*Pricing based on GoGrid Advanced Cloud and Transfer 200 GB plans

With GoGrid there are other choices as well for RAM and Storage allotments (1GB RAM servers have 60 GB disks and 2 GB RAM servers have 125GB disks). Key differentiators are the FREE support and Load Balancing offered by GoGrid as well as support for both Windows and Linux servers (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and CentOS 4.4.) More OS images are added on a regular basis so check back regularly.

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2 Responses to “Facebook Application Hosting Comparison Matrix (Updated 2)”

  1. Eric says:

    For the GoGrid Option isn’t it 1/8th of a Xeon Core, and wouldn’t the monthly cost be $99.99 + $49.99 and not $43 per month as shown above?

  2. Michael Sheehan says:


    You are right. This post is outdated. For one, the Facebook servers are no longer available on GoGrid. For a good comparison of pricing though, take a look at this EC2 to GoGrid comparative matrix.

    I will update the post above as well.

    Thanks for pointing this out.

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