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Last Friday, we wrapped up our exhibit at the Web2.0Expo in San Francisco. For being a late Expo entrant, we have had a resounding success, with some people saying that GoGrid was among the “best at the show.” Not bad for signing up on the Friday before and having our booth together on Tuesday. We also tried to think creatively and do some “stunts” that were a bit out-side the box.

Here’s a photo-rundown of a few of the “stunts” we did:

Giving Away “Free” Servers

Since we are a 7-year old Internet hosting provider, GoGrid almost competes against our own parent company, ServePath. So, we took a stack of our old rack-mount servers and hand-drew a sign that said “Free Servers, they are useless now that GoGrid is live.”


This generated a bunch of questions and at the end of the show, a few of the servers “walked out the door.” People loved the concept and couldn’t believe that we would be giving them away. (We also gave away $99 promo codes for GoGrid!)

GoGrid Motorcycle

Another last-minute addition was the “guy on the motorcycle.” One of our colleagues has a friend who drove his 6 cylinder, 1540 cc Honda motorcycle around Moscone with a GoGrid banner unfurled behind him (a bigger engine than a Scion Xb). Mike Loskutoff, the cyclist, is a leftover hippy, trained arborist, and champion chess and pool player. Several people saw him and commented to us at our booth about it.


Riding such a big bike in circles does take its toll. The circuit was described as “similar to riding up to Lake Tahoe at 5 mph.” I wouldn’t want to do it!

GoGrid Bicycles

Going “green” is very important to us. GoGrid save on carbon emissions (virtualization helps with that) and motorcycle advertising certainly is better than hiring a truck to pull a banner. So, continuing with that, we strategically placed “GoGrid bicycle advertising” around the Web2.0Expo entrance.

IMG_3648 HPIM0120

Take a look at the custom bell on that first picture! IMG_3648 The “Bell Bike” is a 40 year old Motobecane 10-speed converted many years ago to upright handlebars for night commuting.

All in all, these stunts proved successful! Drop a note if you saw them in action and what you thought! We have also posted more images on our Flickr photostream for the Expo.

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