You want GoGrid details? See the new GoGrid Wiki!

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With the additions of new GoGrid server templates, especially the Facebook-ready ones, we know that you will really want to understand what is contained within each image, down to the version numbers. We have made this as easy as possible to get to. When you install a Server using one of the pre-defined Operating System templates, you now have an icon that looks like an “i” next to the OS and Template selections. Clicking on that icon will launch the new GoGrid Wiki that contains useful details on GoGrid.


The GoGrid Wiki provides information around the:

  • Supported Operating Systems
  • Template Images
  • Billing Model
  • User Interface
  • Network Devices

As more functionality is added to GoGrid, this information will expand.


You can drill down through each of the sections. Below is the Operating Systems expanded.


And within each Operating system, you can view details of what the current different templates are. All new templates are flagged with the New icon.


Clicking on the CentOS 4.4 Facebook image, for example, provides the following information:

  • Install Notes – basically an output of “uname -a;
  • Security – how the iptables is set up, for example
  • Image Details – see the software packages and associated version contained within the default GoGrid template. You can see this by running the Linux command: “rpm -qa;

We encourage you to peruse the new Wiki as many of your version question can be answered there. Also, you can get additional details on Load Balancing, the UI and Billing. If there is something that is not covered within the Wiki or this blog, drop me a note.

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  1. marshall says:

    How about a link to said wiki?

  2. Michael Sheehan says:

    Sure. You can sign up for a GoGrid account and click on the information icon when you are creating a server.

    The wiki is also at:

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