"Your GoGrid is all False Advertising!"

March 28th, 2008 by - 7,547 views

quotable This note was sent to us by a new GoGrid user (Hareem Haque) and frankly it scared us. But then we read on further in the note:

“Honestly speaking. Your GoGrid is all false advertising. It does a whole lot more then what is stated on the site. I ran a CentOS 4.4 server yesterday for a brief but crucial period. The unit itself gave me no headaches. I simply installed all my apps. And off we were testing the app with our clients. Everything worked fine and flawlessly. Thanks to the load balancer we did some load tests. And I could not find anything bad about GoGrid. I am going to start moving my EC2 instance applications over to GoGrid. “

Hareem, who works in Telecommunications in Canada, currently has 4 Amazon Machine Images (AMI’s) running on Amazon’s EC2 (all clones) running as a clustered FTP server and is now in the process of replicating this environment on GoGrid. He set up a CentOS 4.4 server on GoGrid and installed vsftpd on it and ran some tests of 10 – 20MB Flash Video Files (.flv) , moving then to 2 – 100MB Window Media Video (.wmv) files and finally 1 – 1GB MPEG-4 (.mp4) file. He got a throughput of 10mbps with GoGrid and only 7mbps with EC2. With these solid benchmarks, he’s moving forward with more GoGrid servers now.

He also said he was extremely happy that there was no charge for the load-balancing and that it “came in handy.”

This is just one of many positive examples that are starting to come in or are appearing on the web. Do you have a success story or a unique use of GoGrid? If so, I want to know! So what are you waiting for? Get a GoGrid account now!

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Michael Sheehan

Michael Sheehan, formerly the Technology Evangelist for GoGrid, is a recognized technology, social media, and cloud computing pundit and blogger who writes regularly about technology news and trends.

5 Responses to “"Your GoGrid is all False Advertising!"”

  1. Reuven Cohen says:

    We’re building a open source elastic computing platform at and are interested in adding migration support for GoGrid, who should we speak to about making this an option?


  2. Michael Sheehan says:


    Our AP should be available within a few months. I believe that you have spoken with our Director of Product Management about this option for migration support.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Maybe he should look into Amazon's Cloudfront

  4. Mohan says:

    Is there any API's Available with Gogrid to migrate Amazon (AMI) to Gogrid Image ?

    Also wish to know if there API for Gogrid files (storage)

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