Sneaking in to see GoGrid hard at work

January 29th, 2008 by - 5,645 views

Late last week, I decided to “sneak” into our Data Center and take some photos of our new GoGrid server farm. This is the same Data Center that hosts ServePath (dedicated managed servers), Upstream Networks (Windows Media and Flash streaming services), Grid Series (high-end virtualized redundant server environments) and ColoServe (colocation services). Under the pretext of wanting more information about a new UPS (Universal Power Supply) being built, I went around snapping pictures, happy like a kid in a candy store. Yes, I love technology and the hum of the machines around me was incredible. Check out our newly designed ServePath blog later for more information about the UPS’s being installed.Enter GoGrid, our newest member of the family. GoGrid differentiates itself by being the first ServePath hosting product that touts completely automated deployments of rapidly scalable environments. We have filled up an entirely new caged area within the ServePath Data Center to host the GoGrid infrastructure.What you see below is the production “grid”. A grid is a collection of servers working towards a common goal. As capacity fills on each grid, we build new ones.GoGrid Rack #1Here are some empty racks that will soon be filled with new grids as we grow.GoGrid Rack #2And here you can see the GoGrid cage off in the distance with one of our Software Engineers hard at work. The rows and rows of servers are cabinets filled with ColoServe customers.gogrid_hall_longHope you enjoyed the “sneak peak” of the GoGrid environment. Of course now I’m going to have to kill you unless you swear not to share this information with anyone!

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