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With much anticipation, I would like to announce the launch of the GoGrid blog! What’s a blog? Well, if you don’t know by now, you probably should start taking some basic Internet 101 courses (Wikipedia is your friend). What is GoGrid? It’s the latest product offering by ServePath. More about ServePath later. The focus here is on what YOU a GoGrid user or potential user can find here. First, if you haven’t taken a tour of the GoGrid site, I heartily recommend that you take a peak at the “coming soon” site so that you can immerse yourself in the newest, ground-breaking hosting technology available to you (well, full immersion is only available currently to our exclusive private beta members). Our Creative team is hard a work on a new, enhanced version of the GoGrid site so be sure to bookmark it!

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My goal in creating and managing the GoGrid blog is to provide you with pertinent and timely information about GoGrid, about Server and Hardware Virtualization, and about other technologies within this arena. In the coming months, I will be conducting interviews with some of our private beta users, offering tips and tricks on using the revolutionary GoGrid User Interface, and hopefully providing more insight into the magic that powers the service.

However, I will not be limiting articles to this alone. Far from it. And nor will I be the only voice here on the blog (Who am I anyway? More about me later). And this will not be the only “Web 2.0″ offering that I bring to the table; other tools and communication methods will be available. Also, I plan on throwing in some classic “Web 1.0″ offerings (like forums) and some other unique service that should make your experience more memorable, helpful and useful.

Setting up the blog is the first of many ways that I hope to begin communicating with you. But who are you? I want to know. In my mind you can be any (or all) of these:

  • a sysadmin
  • an IT manager
  • a prospect
  • a blogger
  • an end user
  • a curious passer-by
  • an early adopter
  • a competitor
  • a press professional
  • a research scientist
  • an entrepreneur
  • Who Are You?

You see where I’m going? The whole idea about Web 2.0 and the “Social Networking” thing is about communication and getting to know people, their thoughts, their ideas, their likes and dislikes. Sure, I’m going to do plenty of product discussions, many of them focused around GoGrid. But truly, to make this market (that of virtualized or grid-hosting) successful, you have to create a community. Communication is multi-directional (not just me spewing product specs and marketing mumbo-jumbo), and developing and nurturing a community through various means of communication is critical to the success of any social network. I want to hear from you!

Over the next few weeks, I will be enabling other social networking tools designed to help you test the waters of this community. If you like it, you can dive in the deep end, or, you can just stay in the shallow end. I just want you to get WET! You can immediately start tracking posts to this blog using Twitter. There is now a Twitter account tied to this blog (Twitter name is “GoGrid“). Also, it’s easy to subscribe to RSS news feeds as well as email digests of posts and comments (if you are an “old school” email-person).

Again, welcome to GoGrid, the GoGrid blog and my efforts to create an engaging environment where discussions, idea exchanges and learning can take place!

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Michael Sheehan

Michael Sheehan, formerly the Technology Evangelist for GoGrid, is a recognized technology, social media, and cloud computing pundit and blogger who writes regularly about technology news and trends.

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