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Sneaking in to see GoGrid hard at work

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 by

Late last week, I decided to “sneak” into our Data Center and take some photos of our new GoGrid server farm. This is the same Data Center that hosts ServePath (dedicated managed servers), Upstream Networks (Windows Media and Flash streaming services), Grid Series (high-end virtualized redundant server environments) and ColoServe (colocation services). Under the pretext of wanting more information about a new UPS (Universal Power Supply) being built, I went around snapping pictures, happy like a kid in a candy store. Yes, I love technology and the hum of the machines around me was incredible. Check out our newly designed ServePath blog later for more information about the UPS’s being installed.Enter GoGrid, our newest member of the family. GoGrid differentiates itself by being the first ServePath hosting product that touts completely automated deployments of rapidly scalable environments. We have filled up an entirely new caged area within the ServePath Data Center to host the GoGrid infrastructure.What you see below is the production “grid”. A grid is a collection of servers working towards a common goal. As capacity fills on each grid, we build new ones.GoGrid Rack #1Here are some empty racks that will soon be filled with new grids as we grow.GoGrid Rack #2And here you can see the GoGrid cage off in the distance with one of our Software Engineers hard at work. The rows and rows of servers are cabinets filled with ColoServe customers.gogrid_hall_longHope you enjoyed the “sneak peak” of the GoGrid environment. Of course now I’m going to have to kill you unless you swear not to share this information with anyone!

Perfect Example of how GoGrid would have "saved the day"

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008 by

With the MacWorld Expo 2008 hitting the Internet today, many users were looking for a good way to get live updates from the Steve Jobs’ Keynote Address. There were many sites offering the traditional “write and update” blog posting method where the blogger continually update their blog post. Those sites actually turned out to be slow and with spotty service. Even the big names like Engadget and Gizmodo and C|net had issues of demand.

Recently, I tested out a new service from whose service allows for the embedding of live-blogging within a blog post. It’s actually a pretty well thought out, feature-rich service that we may use in the future at our local Meet-Ups like SFBeta or SFNewTech. However, there was one part of the service that they didn’t “think out” very well today…that of capacity.

I believe that several sites were planning on using CoverItLive’s service during the Keynote address (sites like Unfortunately, when I went to look at GeekBrief, it simply did not load. So, digging deeper, I looked to see if perhaps CoverItLive was showcasing some of today’s Apple Live-Blogging events. What I was greeted with on their site was this:

Oops - CoverItLive

“Global demand exceeded our capacity.” Those words hurt. They hurt CoverItLive and they hurt all of their customers who were planning on using the service to cover this event. Again, let me reiterate that I believe that CoverItLive seems to be a great product offering. It just seems that their demand forecasting needs a bit of work.

So, where would GoGrid have helped? As I see it, in a couple of ways: (more…) «Perfect Example of how GoGrid would have "saved the day"»

Of Interest: 2008 Predictions on Virtualized Hosting

Thursday, January 10th, 2008 by

There have been several articles and predictions written recently related to grid computing, virtualization and virtualized hosting, cloud computing and “green” hosting over the past few weeks. I have read through a number of these and thought that it might be of interested to highlight some that caught my attention. While by no means are these the de facto authorities of what will come, the commentaries do spark my interest and hopefully yours.

What is a Grid Server

In his article titled: “2007: The year in green,” Ted Sampson, senior analyst at InfoWorld, wrote:

Speaking of which, virtualization was the poster child of sustainable technology in 2007. Leveraging wares from the likes of VMware and XenSource, companies found they could reduce dramatically reduce the number of servers they needed to deliver their applications and services.

This rings true to me. Green computing is hot and will continue to be so. Companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint are well advised to start looking for alternatives to traditional server computing and hosting. The fact that one is now able to “virtualize” several servers on a smaller set of “noded” servers make this trend a hot one to watch.

Similarly, Jeff Kaplan, author of THINK IT Services mentions in his blog post called “Top Ten Reasons Why On-Demand Services Will Soar in 2008”: (more…) «Of Interest: 2008 Predictions on Virtualized Hosting»

And on the 3rd day, there was BLOG

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008 by

With much anticipation, I would like to announce the launch of the GoGrid blog! What’s a blog? Well, if you don’t know by now, you probably should start taking some basic Internet 101 courses (Wikipedia is your friend). What is GoGrid? It’s the latest product offering by ServePath. More about ServePath later. The focus here is on what YOU a GoGrid user or potential user can find here. First, if you haven’t taken a tour of the GoGrid site, I heartily recommend that you take a peak at the “coming soon” site so that you can immerse yourself in the newest, ground-breaking hosting technology available to you (well, full immersion is only available currently to our exclusive private beta members). Our Creative team is hard a work on a new, enhanced version of the GoGrid site so be sure to bookmark it!

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(more…) «And on the 3rd day, there was BLOG»